Jamaica Jamaica, A Forever Love

I am finally getting around to posting about my trip this summer to Jamaica.. Maybe nostalgia, as the fall air creeps in here on the east coast. Boot season has made its appearance.. Ahhhhh the time of sweaters, scarves, fireplaces, and hot organic tea. I love fall, but even more so, I love the feel on the sun against my skin, and JAMAICA. My trip to Jamaica was so fulfilling and more than I could ever ask for. Though time felt limited, and very busy considering the retreat group, there were without a doubt, many moments of bliss.

From the time I stepped off the plane, the air consumed me, intoxicated, it filled my lungs and said, welcome to this sweet sweet land. In almost an instant, dewy skin engrossed me, and warmness filled me. Although surrounded by many, a feeling of sweet soul euphoria took over. I was here. Jamaica. It had been years since I travelled off US soil, and it was long overdue.

Our group gathered their things.. we were finally on our way to Ms. B’s retreat spot in the mountains. As I begin to take you on this journey with me im realizing there were so many highlights to this trip and that simply typing the whole experience would 1. almost instantly be a book and 2. be just way to much to express. So hopefully throughout the rest of the year I can post on snippets of my travel experience to the Caribbean. I cut you off didnt I? Sorry.. the story was just getting on a roll haha.  I will say, it was far from touristy, and thats the way it was intended. A wholistic health retreat! The best moments for me were the little ones.. 3 in particular that I will discuss in coming posts and many other stories and experiences that personally changed my life.

I will say, I really appreciate and love my sis Mayasa. A loving, caring, amazingly intelligent doer, and dynamic visionary goddess to say the least. So many talents and multifaceted depths and levels… oh and comedian, she’s a walking professional sure to keep your mouth belting with smiles and giggles. Im so thankful for such a wonderful being and divine alignment. This trip to Jamaica all started with a simple statement, “We should go somewhere this year!” and voila.. Not only did we go, but so did 16 other individuals who had the time of their lives and she’s to thank.

First lesson? Speak, act.. watch unfold. Thoughts are important, they precede action. Good or bad. BUT… action is a physical effort that cannot emerge from thought alone. Put 2 together and the magic happens.. Yay for magic?

Well, heres a few pics to hold you over…  As you look, i’d love to know, have you travelled anywhere recently? Domestic or abroad. Where? How was it? Where would you like to go next? I’d love to know..







Traveling Light: A Post Jamaica Realization + Tips

Hey all? How goes it? Yes, how goes it? Hope you’re having a great summer. My summer has been off to wonderful start, many realizations, great people, readily available fruits, scuba lessons, and a holistic retreat to Jamaica. Actually, its been amazing and it’s getting better everyday. About a week ago I returned from an amazing retreat in the mountains to Jamaica. Now I have a sad confession to make.. I am not a light packer. No matter where I am going, I like to pack for multiple unlikely occasions just to be “safe”. What if there’s a tornado and I need sweatpants? What if there’s a formal occasion in the middle of the tropics? and yea… 20 pairs of panties are always necessary on 5 day trips. These are all slight exaggerations but you can see where my rationale is here. Actually there is none but I did learn something… $25 each way to check luggage that could’ve fit into a carryon was completely unccessary. So here are my 3 tips to optimize your luggage experience.

1: when packing, make a list, then go thru the list and separate the necessaries from from the “ah, but I mights..” (ie. Ah but I might need this wetsuit just in case I swim with whales in alaska.. yeaaaa, NO)

2: Have a trusted person go thru your list a clarify whats not really needed and what is. Often times friends and family offer level headed advice in the midst of packing mayhem.

3: Pick a luggage that is just the right smedium size and stick to it.. If your belongings dont fit in, then reevaluate what is packed, not the size luggage picked.


..and there you have it. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Im looking forward to sharing my amazing experience on the next post. 

If you have any tips on packing light, please post them. As a recovering over-packer, i’d love to hear your ideas and solutions.

Are Obstacles Permanent?

This message hit me loud and clear last night when I was reading over a quote I wrote down from the great brother Dick Gregory’s discussion. A midst tons of other jewels, he stated, “You can go to the tallest mountain and laugh because it’s as big as it’ll ever be.. you grow everyday.” I just thought this was so amazing bc it’s true. What was the message I got last night? 

Obstacles are not permanent fixtures.

So simple, yet for me, so profound.

Look back at the last obstacle you had.. Many times we feel like our obstacles, mountains, problems, will never end. We treat them as such. Like they’re rooted in concrete and shall not pass. Whether its in a relationship, friendship, self-imposed blocks, whatever bump is in the road, just know its NOT permanent… so stop giving your power to fleeting issues. If we become malleable, we can withstand anything. Like water, we must flow, bend, curve, and turn, with the current.. in turn, we will soon come to learn that every lesson is a blessing. Every. single. one. Thats even hard for me to say… Every lesson you ask? That friend that screwed you over? The jerk? Money issues? The impossible to work with boss? Yes. Its a lesson, just for you. To make you grow. Give thanks for it, learn from it, and either move on, or dont allow it to control you. Anyway… I could go on and on, but i’ll stop here. Always remember…


Obstacles are not permanent fixtures!! 

sn: I am totally a work in progress… and I have sooooooo many obstacles that I never discuss that im sure ppl would never believe but I have faith that there is more to this thing called life and we came here to enjoy, learn, and explore. Because of this, my “obstacles” dont consume me (sometimes… haha) 



Id love to hear your personal experience of an obstacle that you overcame. Did it seem like it would never end? What did you learn? 

A Fun Affirmation!

Do you use affirmations, if so, what is your affirmation for this week??

My weekly affirmation that I will repeat every morning (and throughout the day) is…

‘Today I will have FUN. Life is not so serious. I will smile and laugh today, even at my mistakes, for I am ALIVE. I am bold, courageous, and enthusiastic. My light shines bright and the universe surprises me in beautiful ways…

Do you have an Affirmation?? I’d love to hear it. Have a great Monday!!



Begin the “New Year” with thankfulness in your heart. Everyday should be gratitude filled but overall in 2013 we should be able to look back over even the tiniest things and give thanks. What’s in your top 5? My top five includes a new start to finish something I started a while back..

2. Im grateful I met an amazing woman who singlehandedly influenced the way I view goddess-hood and feminine power by her essence alone. She was an answer to my affirmation and I am happy to have her as a beautiful model for all things love and divine. 

3. Im grateful ive healed my skin in immeasurable ways, and the journey continues.

4. Im grateful that my persistence has truly showed me how strong I am. Even, My spirit never quits.

5. Im grateful that I continue to receive the opportunity daily to make a difference in this universe. 

Here are some pictures from 2013, Happy New Year!!!





Why Go Green?

Why should you go green in all areas of your life? Simple. Not only is it good for the environment but it is most certainly good for you. You reduce your expose to toxins through cleaning products etc, you heal your body the natural way, you become more conscious and intent driven with your actions. You lose nothing and gain everything.


Whats one area you can go green w/in your life? Even simpler…

How have you reduced, reused, or recycled this year? What will you do different next year?

Lets make 2014 your greenest year yet! 🙂

Kickstart Your 2014 Resolutions: A How To

Hey, are you a habitual New Years Resolution maker, then later, breaker? Have your good intentions not always led to good results? Well here’s a tip to get a fresh start on your goals for the new year. The #1 key is, remove the excuse. So how do we do this? Well this year you’re gonna do something different. You’re gonna break down how you can work toward your goal/s no matter how big or small on a daily basis. So if your goal is to earn more income by the end of 2014, what can you do daily? Read more? Become more proficient in your work and time? Or do you want to lose weight? Perhaps daily you can start by refining what you eat for breakfast, then move up from there. Either way, break down your daily to do’s that will aid you.

Now, you must act immediately, but the key is, whatever it is.. Start Today. Yes, today! As of December 27, 2013, you have 4 days to start lasting change in your life. When you remove the excuse of tomorrow, you are more likely to see your goal through and it symbolizes your commitment. If you aren’t mentally strong, you’ll say, i’ll wait until January 1. This same voice that always tell you tomorrow, will creep back into your life again next year. Now is all we have so Kickstart your resolution and start today, you’ll feel great, trust me. It works!!

Goals i’ve kickstarted, and some continual: my goddesshood and femininity flow freely,  financially freedom, gorgeous glowing skin, and travel just to name a few. All are active goals that I work on daily and already see the manifestations of everyday.


Do you have any “resolutions”? How will you be improving your life in this new year? I’d love to hear about your sure to come achievements ❤